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October almost up!

I planned on making, or atleast get going with making a typeface this month. Latter part of the month I got hit with an eye condition called Uveitis. That kinda sucked because I had to stay away from the computer screen by doctor’s orders.

I’m not really supposed to be on tumblr now.

But I’ve got a rough idea on how the alphabet is gonna look like. Gonna be testing out words, revising etc. before making final drawings and getting everything onto fontlab.

I will post progress here as I go along.

Making sentances

Quote from Icelandic writer Þórbergur Þórðarsson

I’ve gotten my rough sketches into fontlab, and I’m starting to write out words. Playing around with the correction pen as I go along, finding weaknesses and writing notes on what to fix / draw again.

Been really busy with other stuff though, excuses etc. -  need to make more time for drawing type.

Challenge yourself month

In Iceland, october has become the month of personal challenges, or Meistaramánuður as we call it.

I have a few battles ongoing, but the one I’m passionate about is trying to make a typeface, or atleast get going with it. Okay, one font. I love everything about type; looking at it, the curves, lettering, typesetting etc. but have never even tried to make a font.

I’ve decided on a hand-drawn font, and I’ve done some legwork on how I’d like the finished product to look. Even made a board on Trello with a few cards on it.

Undoubtedly there will be several hurdles along the way, but it’s early days so I’m quite optimistic as this is written.

Will be posting progress, thoughts, etc. as the project progresses.